Presentation (english)

I’ve been working in the Theatre and Circus industry since 2002. I had the chance to work with the same designer for 3 years directly after I got my diploma, before she moved to Cirque du soleil. I also moved to the same company at the Props Fabrication Department where I worked for 2 years. After a few months, they gave me Zumanity and Kà as major project. After that, I moved to the New Production Department and stayed there for 2 years. I worked at the creation of Kooza, Wintuk and Zed. About the last one, I was the head of props and they send me to Tokyo to finish the creation and teach the Japanese crew how to maintain and repair the costume props and shoes. Always hungry for change, I move to the Touring Division as the props technician on Ovo for which I worked on the creation of the show and toured for 3 years. I interrupted this 3-year period of a year sabbatical during which I worked on film productions in Montreal. Since then, I opened my jewelry and accessories company, Creations Capsule, and participates in productions et the Segal Centre for Performing Arts.

Theatre, Circus and Touring gave me a really good experience on how to create, make and maintain props in extreme condition.

I work mostly as a props designer, head of department, fabrication and costume patina. I also have good experience being a Set, Costume and Props Designer Assistant. My speciality would be patina as I have great skills with colours using different kind of mediums. An exhaustive list of my skills would include head casting, silicone and urethane moulding, airbrush, painting, sculpting, sewing, mask making, working with latex, leather, silicone, fiber glass, carbon fiber…

On tour, I gained the ability to lead a team of workers, loading and unloading of truck trailers for set up and tear down, have a forklift license, an OSHA certification and Red Cross cards. I am also a IATSE 514 and AQTIS member.

As you see, I’m really curious and in constant evolution.